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Salmon Salad with Sweet Accents

Thanks to this decidedly strange winter, trees and flowers are already in bloom, it’s hit the 80s(!) in Chicago by mid-March and best of all, summer produce is making its way to farmers markets and grocery stores. That’s right: it’s time for salads.

Inspired by a keen desire for a healthy salad, Stacey rummaged through her cupboards, crisper bins and produce bowls on the dining room table for the perfect ingredients: baby spinach, D’Anjou pears, granny smith apples, dried cranberries and walnuts. Each element provided a different texture and flavor, and topped the salad with salmon for a punch of low-calorie protein.

Not a fan of salmon? Top it with shrimp, tuna (canned or seared tuna steak) or chicken. Perhaps even a non-meat protein source like tofu. What an easy way to use leftovers! Top the salad with protein and your lunch is packed! We’re fans of the fish in particular since it offers a lean source of satisfying protein while providing beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

What’s your favorite summer salad? Do you prefer a sweeter fruit salad or something more veggie-centric?

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